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Fundamentals of valid WordPress Landing Page
  • Premium WordPress Landing Page
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  • Ultimate Landing Page

The golden key for the success of your website is the landing pages. If landing pages are managing accurately, they create a high ROI for your business. For that, it is of vast magnitude for you to get alert with the fundamentals of a valid wordpress landing page.

The first thing will be Landing page where your visitors will visit and then decide to take any of the action on the pages. As a result, it is crucial to make your page attractive, which can give you more and more conversion. Ensure that landing page gives a concise introduction about your business, company, services and products offered by you.

Success of the landing page can be assessed by two factors:-
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate

Conversion Rate :-

Traffic that is abstracting to your website and then completes your preferred action, giving you ROI.

Bounce Rate: -

Traffic that visits your website and then go away from your site without taking any of the action. These visitors do not visit any other sites.

Every successful and well-organized wordpress landing pagewould have high conversion rate and low bounce rate.

Once visitors are diverting by the search engines, the mere first thing noticed by them would be content and quality of content on your site. If the content is impressive and unique, it would catch the attention of visitors, thus helping you to achieve your goal.

Introduction of the service/product in the page should be done in such a manner that it could grab the attention of visitors towards your product. Language of the wordpress landing page is another thing that grabs visitor’s attention. Make sure that you set a message which can encourage the visitor and create a positive response from them.

Usage of words along with the use of colors in the wordpress landing page leaves an enormous impact on the visitors. Use of rich color complements the services or offers that are offering by you. Make use of the dazzling colors for the “purchase or buy now” button which should be attractive.

Creating confusion for the visitors may lead your website with “no traffic” so, it would be better that your website should not create any confusions. Only put the content that is premium and useful for visitors. Do not forget to make a reminder for your visitors to take necessary action to buy something from your site. Be aware that your competitors should not take away your visitors.

By keeping all the above instructions in mind, if you design for the wordpress landing page, you would surely be successful to get high conversion rates which would eventually turn into best returns along with chivalrous comments from visitors about your product.